Welcome to the new world order?

Well, hello! Thanks for taking the time to find and read this amongst all the interweb debris!   We are taking a stab at trying to take our brick and mortar store concept to an online format, and whoa it is some tough sledding - and a whole new education!  I now say kudos to all those who have slick, well performing sales sites, as I know from this new experience how much background detail is required just to get one product up!    No one knows at this point how long the pandemic and states of emergency will last - these are ..... wait for it........ unprecidented times.   Can't tell you just how much that particular phrase has started to irritate me.  But there's really no better way to say it.    We are doing our best to find our new normal, and hopefully it will include some days for contactless pickups and some kind of a return to the shop soon.   

The saying goes, be careful what you wish for.... so many times over the past couple of years I dreamed of having more time to do projects and read and cook and garden.   I've become pretty sick of it in just over 3 weeks - humans are pretty funny lot - its become vividly clear more now so than ever - WE ARE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER!!  Love to all - be well, hold the line.