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Diary of a flower shop lady.

This is us.

Fri, 11/30/2018 - 17:07

Hello.   In case we haven't met, we are Angela and Rob, owners and operators of this fine little establishment.   Rob would object to being called an owner (he's more like a devoted unpaid slave) but he is the backbone, the heavy lifting, the fixer, the renovater, the go to guy, and although this was MY idea, none of it would be possible without this man - he is the unsung hero of the whole deal, and I am pretty damn lucky that he is so onboard with this whole venture, cuz I'd be lost without him!!!  Anyways, we have been together around a decade or so, with 4 combined kids and the worlds cutest dog, Scout. 

So, we opened up shop about a year and a half ago, with 12 brave artisans who were willing to sign up with us before we even had a store to show them!   Fast forward to today, when we are kind of blown away that we now have over 100 local artisans, makers, companies supplying us their fabulous products!!!   Our product lines evolve and grow like the shop is doing - organically and just one day at a time.   We never know when the phone will ring with another inquiry from a fantastic local maker that heard about our shop!   We have expanded our line of local edibles to include honeys, jams, tea, chocolates, toffee, caramels, hot sauces, soy sauces, olives, gourmet salts, jerky & more!!  Can you tell we love us some foodie stuff?  Well, we do!    Another thing we love is junquing and antique hunting - it's kind of a hobby for us, and we go out looking any chance we get.   We were super thrilled when earlier this year we were given a nod on the Tri-Cities A List awards for our vintage finds.   Oh ya, and we got voted best gift store in Coquitlam for 2018, and got an honorable mention for our flowers.  Not too shabby in our humble opinions!!    Anyway, we are loving what we are doing, and it seems the community is kinda loving it too.   We couldn't ask for a better response and we are humbled & very grateful.   Thanks y'all.  xo